Here are a couple of quick things to check if you can't log in to the Web Summit mobile app.

1. Complete your ticket: Make sure your ticket is assigned to you. To assign your ticket or complete your details, log in to your Web Summit ticket dashboard here: A green check icon will appear beside your ticket when it is complete.

2. Check you're using the correct details: Check you are logging in with the correct details. If you're managing a group, log in here: and click "Manage items" to view each ticket.

3. Enter full ticket reference or email: Use the format ABCD-AA for your ticket reference (don't confuse this with your order reference, which is longer). Alternatively, you can log in with the email associated with your ticket. Watch for typos and check to see you are spelling your ticket details correctly. 1 and I can be easily confused, as can O and 0.

4. Use the right app: Ensure you're logging into the Web Summit 2023 app, using the newest updated version. The version number should start with 23 (e.g., 23.3.0). You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

5. Check your spam folder: If you are having trouble receiving the email confirmation to complete your login, make sure you also check your spam folder.

6. Contact our team: Head back to the app login screen and click "Contact our support team" and we'll be happy to help. Please provide as much detail as you can so we can help you as quickly as possible.

Please note: Our mobile app is only available to Web Summit attendees.If you'd like to join us at Web Summit, head over to