Here are a couple of quick things to check if you can't log in to the Web Summit mobile app.

1. Our mobile app is only available to Web Summit attendees. You can't log in if you don't have a valid ticket for Web Summit 2021. 

If you'd like to join us at Web Summit, head over to

2. Check that your ticket is fully complete. Incomplete or unassigned tickets cannot be used to log in to the mobile app.
To assign your ticket or complete your details, log in to your Web Summit ticket dashboard here - 

3. Check you are logging in with the correct details. This is especially important if you're in charge of a group or have bought tickets on behalf of others. Make sure you're trying to log in with the ticket you have assigned to yourself.

4. Check for typos! Are you spelling your email address correctly? Double-check your ticket reference. 1 (one) and I (uppercase i) can be easily confused, as can O (oh) and 0 (zero).

5. Make sure you're entering your ticket reference in full and in the format ABCD-AA. Don't confuse this for your order reference. 

If you can't find your ticket reference, follow these quick steps.

6. Are you using this year's app? Make sure you're trying to log in to the Web Summit 2021 app. Attendees who've been with us before might still have the previous year's version installed on their device.

7. Make sure you are using the latest (newest) app version.

8. If you think you're not receiving the login email for any reason, head back to the app login screen and click "Trouble receiving our email?". A new login flow opens that skips the requirement to verify your email. 

9. There might be something on our side. Drop us a note to and we'd be happy to help!